The problem

Travelling has become difficult since the pandemic. Experiencing the culture of a city or country is a way to gain insight into global diversity and should be accessible to everyone, especially students. How  many students are not able to leave their homes and explore?

How we might

How we might develop an educational app that teaches students by showing them the most famous cultural spots and museums in a city. Everything would be accessible at your fingertips through a 360-degrees immersive video experience.

The Interview

3 Interviews
Duration: 20 minutes
4 questions

Do you visit multiple places (museum/cultural spots) while travelling? If yes could you specify what moves you to visit them?

Yes, seeing the culture of a city/country is my favourite way to gain a true insight into how the locals live and what that city/country is all about.

Would you use this app to visit a museum from your home? If yes why? If not why not?

Yes, given that COVID has placed many restrictions into how we can travel, this is a way to see something hassle/stress- free - you don’t have to worry about flights getting cancelled last minute, social distancing and quarantine rules. Though going to a certain city/country and seeing a museum there is special and makes the travels more exciting, this is a good alternative to the current reality we are in

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“I never have time and budget to travel and visit new museums where to get inspired from”

User Persona

Luca is a student who travels 3 times a year for leisure. He tries to visit cities close to his hometown as he has limited finances. Also, the pandemic doesn’t make him feel comfortable to travel too far. He is frustrated by the fact that his increasing knowledge from visiting new places and museums is limited. He feels that as a student graphic designer, his source of inspiration is traveling and visiting new places.

- I like art
- I visit museums for inspiration
- When he travels he likes to get lost in the city
- Traveling is very expensive
- Traveling takes time
- I cannot wait or be delayed every time to travel and visit a museum in first person

Outcomes & Achievements

Be able to create the user interface of a travel app, made me realise how important is the research you need to make before achieving the final design. I achieved the maximum score and earned the certificate of User Experience Designer in London with the renowned General Assembly Academy,

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