I pre and post-produced this video to show the behind the scenes of these two great days full of fun and creativity (watch the video with music).


In 2020-2021 we collaborated with a creative agency to do the complete rebranding of Enlighten Smiles Identity, including Art Direction, Photography and Web Design.


For the completion of this project we were In charge of the Art Direction, this included making sure the models were aligned with the vision and reflect the ideals of the company.

Luxury, premium, clean and polished aesthetic are the keywords for Enlighten Smiles which is a cosmeceutical brand that stands for the quality of its products and the achievement of their results.

Target & Challenge

With social media the concept of beauty changed drastically, Enlighten Smiles's target audience is between 25 to 35 years old on the patient side and between 25 to 69 years old on the professional side such as dentists and dental hygienists.

The challenge was to create an imagery fashion orientated that is looking forward, attentive to details and extremely minimal. Smiles are a difficult element to treat in photography and they are often used for commercials more than for fashion. Creating something high standard avoiding being cheesy and old fashion was the real challenge of my art direction.

Outcomes & Achievements

Projects involve many changes during the process and most importantly deadlines. Seeing the final result and imagery delivered is a great feeling that pays the fun and stress part of the months spent to achieve the final result.

The images are now in the post-production phase and they will be ready by the end of September 2022.

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