Martini Brand Activation

Art Direction, Graphic Design

Brand Activation

Brand Role
Encourage and enable people to make more time for friends through relevant, distinctive, engaging and value-adding content and services.

Brand Vision
Become the world’s favourite Aperitivo brand by celebrating the importance of True Friendship

Brand Personality
Authentic – Open hearted – Playful – Joyful – Warm – Convivial – Spontaneous – Casually – Sophisticated

Project Explanation

The moment of the Apéritif is well known for any Italian that grows up with this culture in their blood as well as being famous for the whole world.

It’s a moment where you share the sunset with family, best friends or a lover. To talk about the day, life, experiences and ideas for the future.

The idea started with one of the oldest and traditional ways to advertise a brand. The poster is able to catch your attention and be a part of your everyday life. The poster is an element that you cannot avoid to notice and so we decided to make it interactive due to the current spectacular superpower of social media.

The way this idea works is to tag your friends who you would like to share a glass or bottle of Martini Fiero with and to make them a part of your achievements as well as your thoughts.

The poster will have a quote that everyone can identify with and relate to. It can be emotional, funny or it can simply just be YOU!
Who you would like to share that glass or bottle with is important in your life!

At the bottom of the poster, you will have the QR code to scan with your phone camera. Built-in QR code scanning capabilities are in the camera app itself or with the app Martini Fiero and this allows you to find all our Martini cocktails. You can download a special and secret recipe instantly through the app and also the location of our stores or pop up stores. In these stores, the QR code label is on our Fiero Martini bottles and these will work the same way as our poster.

In the folder you will also find two example of GIF this is our idea to make Marti- ni Fiero popular on social network.

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