I create impactful graphic experiences that attract and engage. Check out my work below or learn more about what I do.


I’m a graphic designer from Italy, in the business of creating unforgettable interactive and fine printed experiences with people like you.

Maybe. We’ve only just met, but we’ve got a good feeling already.

I craft premium digital work for web, mobile and paper with creative agencies and global brands alike – putting passion, pride and plenty of elbow grease into everything I do.

Take a look at my past work, then get in touch. Or better yet, let’s talk in front of a coffee or why not a beer. It’s on the house.






What I do

 I help modern brands stand out through creativity and craft

Personal Approach

I am a graphic designer and art director strategically located in London, I bring my vast experience and expertise within the graphic landscape to every project, with a personal approach.

Your brand, my brain

My work is informed by a deep understanding of the brands we collaborate with. I identify each of their challenges, and use that knowledge to build quality digital solutions that hit the mark.

Creator at heart

Production and craftsmanship is at my core:I am hands-on and equipped with the digital tools and skills to make anything a reality. If it can be dreamt, I can bring it to life.

Built agile

Our collective expertise means we do everything under one roof from concept to final product, client services to creative production – in less time than it takes the big guys.


You need a cool ad for your social page?
You need to show how great is the event you scheduled?



I Create Delight

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Mini Smile Makeover Course
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Frames of Marrakech
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Merbag Milano
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Let’s make something great! Reach out info@matteobaronio.it for wonderful new projects.